Website Usability Testing in South Africa

We are a user experience design and website usability specialists. As with all great inventions our company was born out of a need. Usability applies to all products that humans have to interact with, in this case we are talking websites. Usability refers to the ease with which users can interact with your website. We are User Experience Design, and there is no passing second that the user doesn't factor into our decisions both in design and development. more

UX is not UI
  • We do not see user interface (UI) as just a means to user experience (UX), but rather UX as the goal that UI helps to make it happen. UX is all encompassing and yes, it encompasses UI too. Imagine user experience as a storybook....

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Usability Testing
  • Aesthetic and relevance: The design of a website must be kept simple and content be relevant. Extra information is will tire the user and potentially diminish their interest. Contact us if you need expert advice on usability heuristics....

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Heuristic Evaluation
  • What it is you want your visitors to do when they land on your Website? What actions do you want them to take? Are your website visitors converting? Think about it. Think Conversions. Think UxD.

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Website Analytics
  • With web analytics data we match the "what" and "how much" with the "why". We are enabled to continuously research, develop, measure, predict, test and then after that? We start again! The iterations are infinite.

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User Centered Design
  • Our company was born out of a need. We knew we could do User Centered Design better. We realised the potential of putting extra effort in user centred design, helping our clients identify new opportunities, points of differentiation and product strategies.

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User Experience Research
  • Figuring out which user experience research methodology is right for whatever application or website is not an easy one. Appropriateness of techniques and timing are key, not to mention the costs in time and money associated with some of the techniques outlined.

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We Design for the User

Usability testing is a great method of gathering first hand information based on a users action. It this way, researchers can identify problem areas and fix what needs to be fixed. Usability testing refers to the evaluation of your website using techniques that involve users in real life scenarios and in real time. They entail quick and efficient methods of understanding the experiences of users on your site. Usability testing differs from other user experience research methods such as focus groups because it concentrates more on what the user does rather than what they say.

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